Introducing: ANEW Vitale

It’s finally time for Campaign 21, and I’m excited to share the brand new addition to the Anew skin care lineup: #AnewVitale!

This is technically the replacement for Anew Rejuvenate, which was for women with early signs of aging, 30+. Anew Vitale, however, is the first Anew product for women ages 20+!  I use it, and I’m 27. I tend to have dry skin, so for me, it’s more about moisturizing.

The line includes the regular size day cream (cream formula) and night cream (“gel” formula), cleanser, and eye cream in a small applicator tube. 

Intro sale prices:
Day/Night Cream $24.99 each
Cleanser $7.99
Eye Cream $19.99


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Cynthia Campbell
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Marketing Tips for Avon Reps!

These are things I am trying – I’m not saying they have all been proven to be successful…I am constantly working at improving my marketing methods.  Just thought I’d share:

  • Leave a business card wherever you feel comfortable doing so
  • Make a Facebook business page
  • Post new topics on your local online community forum (ours is and check to see if they do paid advertising – you shouldn’t need to do this, just start a new topic occasionally with links to your website, Facebook page, etc.
  • Search Facebook for local buy/sell/trade/yardsale groups, join them and post once a week or whatever the group rules allow
  • Make a simple flyer and place it (along with a few business cards) on your grocery store’s community bulletin board. Make sure to check back every time you go to the grocery to make sure your flyer is still there!
  • You may want to think about buying some cheap promotional/marketing items to give out – things that are useful like ink pens, compact mirrors, etc.
  • Also think about getting a personalized car door magnet or window cling. You could go as far as to make/buy a brochure holder that you can hang from your car window while you go into a store
  • Participate in your community garage/yard sale days. Have a table (you can order Avon table covers to make it look more inviting…) with signs for free samples and books, along with business cards, and any inventory items you need to sell off
  • Get a yard sign ( and put it out near the road, at least on days with nice weather…
  • Include a note with your brochures (esp. your regular customers) with an incentive: Refer me to at least one new customer who place an order, and get 10% off your next order!
  • If you have another job, leave several brochures in the lady’s restrooms, and make it known that you sell Avon. If you have an office (or office space), you can leave a few samples and brochures on your desk as long as your employer doesn’t mind…
  • Create and maintain a blog, whether it’s the one Avon provides or through (I am just starting to try this.)
  • Consider carrying a bag or purse that has the Avon name on it, or even wear a shirt and/or button
  • Download an Avon ringtone for your phone (like the You Make It Beautiful one available now) and keep your volume up enough so people can hear it, if it should ring while you’re out!

You don’t have to be pushy, and don’t have to go door-to-door to successfully sell Avon. There are many ways to incorporate Avon marketing into your everyday life. I’m sure there are still things I haven’t thought of…

I’ll keep adding to this post as I find new ideas!! Stay tuned…and happy Avon-ing!

Spring is here! Get accessorized with AVON Campaign 8!

♥  Welcome to Cindy’s AVON!  ♥

I am so pumped about Spring and warmer weather!! And Campaign 8 (C8) is right on time, with lovely accessories in pastel shades of the season!

We’re talking jewelry, watches, shoes, handbags, and scarves…  everything a girl loves  😉

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